Big Shots Stock Half Shell


Digital Speech/Protection

Stock half-shell, 312 battery. Manual volume control. Multiple Listening Programs; 1. Shooter Mode 2. Shooter Mode with active tele-coil 3. Tele-coil only 4. Mute. (telcoil allows for phone use-can be converted into bluetooth if you purchase the Quattro Bluetooth Device to connect directly to your cell phone, $250.) ​Three tips included for each side; small, medium, and large. Shell Colors, Clear, Red (right) and Blue (Left). Faceplate, Beige or Black​.

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​We do not charge for impressions taken in our offices, however, if you are not near one of our locations, you may have to pay another provider for this service. Please, contact us if you need help finding a provider who will take your impression.

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